Meet Judy,

Certified High Performance Coach

It’s YOUR time to OWN your dream of building your business, and High Performance Coaching is scientifically designed to give you the confidence, focus and support you need.

Hello! I’m Judy Eichhorst and I’m a Certified High Performance Coach for the ambitious woman who desires a courageous, purposeful, and intentional transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

Do you dream of running your own company or building a business based on your passions, skills, and unique talents? And of feeling more energized, more courageous, more focused and more supported while you do it?

I did, too! That’s why I studied, practiced, and even became CERTIFIED in High Performance Coaching – so that I’d have an abundant supply of clarity, energy, confidence, focus, and support for my journey from corporate to entrepreneurship.

My role in corporate was challenging. We were industry leaders with our quality product line, innovative technology, and cutting-edge marketing. I was paid well and given an attractive benefits package. I even had flexibility from where I worked; I spent some days in my home office, and some days in the corporate office. From a practical standpoint, I was an individual contributor, hired to fill one role within a much larger machine. When I did my role with excellence, the bigger whole ran better. I participated in the corporate mission by successfully managing and driving a specific product line from ideation to market. I kept it running smoothly so that sales were consistent and customers’ needs were met with excellence.

From the outside, it might appear that I had made it. I had a well-paying job with a stable employer. Why not ride that wave on into retirement?

But, maybe just like you, I found myself wanting something more than good pay and benefits with a stable company.

I wanted more LIFE in my life.

I wanted to contribute from a place of GREATER SERVICE, from a place that MATTERED TO ME. I wanted something of my own. I wanted MORE PURPOSE and MORE PASSION in my day. Those feelings were quickly followed with a low-level, yet consistent, fear that THIS was going to be my life for the next 20 years.

One night at my women’s study group, the leader asked me a probing question that sticks with me to this day, “If there were no obstacles, what would you like to be doing for your work in this world?”

I thoughtfully considered the question, and then replied, “I don’t know.”

This moment was a turning point for me.

I made it my PURPOSE – my JOB – to find out what I TRULY desired to do. I took a courageous action and decided to put myself first. I took a personal leave of absence and hired a coach. She helped me see that working outside my strengths was using more energy than if I worked from my strengths. I did the research; I read allll the books; and built that forward momentum that has propelled me to this work that I love – this work that really lights me up!

What I learned was that I had been caged, and yet, all the while, I was holding the key.

For a year, I worked my job at the corporation, attended coaching school, and began to coach clients and charge fees.

Although I was working 2 jobs simultaneously, I felt more energy than before because I was living more purposefully.

The job helped fund my dream and make the transition to full time coaching.

A year later, I was certified in High Performance Coaching. In developing myself in this program, I found MY NEXT LEVEL. I learned and practiced daily and weekly habits that done consistently over the long term, brought me to more confidence, joy and engagement in my life and mission. Now, I have the clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence that I need to run a business. Everything I needed to be READY for a transition into my own business full time.

Today, my work matters to me, and I feel purposed in what I do.

I have coached hundreds of hours in High Performance. My clients find more clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence … They learn to lead lives they LOVE.

My clients:

Arrive at a place of more certainty.
Know how to generate and manage their energy.
Practice courage in putting themselves out there.
Focus on the productive output that matters most to them.
Virtually eliminate the distractions of inboxes, emails, TV’s, and social media.
Gain influence in their families, their work, and their new career field.

It is in getting ready that makes the transition smoother – minimizing the chaos that comes from uncertainty, fear, and doubt.

I love seeing my clients’ confidence soar as they implement the tools and strategies that I teach them in my High Performance Coaching so they can find their answers, options, and solutions to their unique situations.

Each client must navigate her own struggles and challenges, but we all face one similar obstacle; how can I best prepare to make a transition from a job to my own business?

The solutions are as varied as the people I coach, but High Performance is the vehicle that helps them reach their dreams faster. I’ve coached more than 100 clients through the High Performance Experience, and every one of them has grown.

So why choose me as your coach? What makes me different?

I’ve been where you are now. Wanting to make a change, but now knowing which way to go. Feeling uncertain, exhausted, scared, distracted, and alone.

I Walk the Talk! I Invest in Continued Coaching to Uplevel My Own Skills and Serve You Better.

Certifications that I hold include:

Certified High Performance Coach – one of only a few hundred worldwide, studied under Brendon Burchard
Certified MIndset for Success Coach, studied under Dr. Jayne Gardner
ACC – International Coach Federation
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, major in Accounting from University of South Dakota.

Courses I have invested in and completed:

High Performance Academy with Brendon Burchard
Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard
World’s Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard, Bo Eason, & Roger Love.
B-School with Marie Forleo
Journal your Life, Blogging from the Heart, and Inside Story with Susannah Conway
I Heart Coaching with Emily Williams
Female Entrepreneur Association with Carrie Green


I love my clients and want the very best for them. I am happy when I see my clients commit to new habits, changes in their life, and start making progress. I love to see my clients discover so much more about themselves and what holds them back. I love to watch my clients WIN their day, their week, their month, their year. I am invested in my clients achieving their goals.

If you are a motivated, ambitious woman desiring a big change from corporate to entrepreneurship, I can get you READY through the tools & strategies of High Performance Coaching.