Exceeded the Goals I Set For Myself
“I've always been a high achiever and high performer but a year ago, I stopped moving forward in my career. No matter what goal I set around launching my own business, I couldn't get the real momentum I needed to start attracting clients and making money. Then it all changed when I made the decision to hire Judy as my coach. Her powerful questions, her belief in my capability to find my own answers and her commitment to my own personal growth and development helped me uncover barriers and negative beliefs that I had about myself. Her coaching process enabled me to think differently, feel courageous and to finally exceed the goals I set for myself. Being coached by Judy is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Moved into Clarity and Courage
“Judy's coaching comes from her heart. Her skill of listening deeply, beyond the spoken words, has made it possible for her to ask the provocative questions that have helped to move me into the clarity and courage I needed in order to live into a wholehearted life I want. I appreciate her gift of empathy and warmth more than I can articulate here...”
“Judy has been coaching me for the past 3 months. She has coached me on a variety of topics from body issues to relational issues to business issues.  Her powerful questioning has allowed me to gain insight in myself that has opened up many awakenings for me.  These awakenings have changed my thinking about myself and others which has sparked changes in my behavior.  Judy is a calm, confident, and caring coach who excels at putting things together so that you can see a pattern of your thoughts and feelings.  I have greatly enjoyed having Judy as my coach and my time with her has been invaluable.”
Constant Encourager
“Well….A SKEPTIC- that would describe me when it comes to “self-help” programs! Until about a year ago I would have never went any further than to read a few lines about the subject!  However, I hit rock bottom about 10 months at the loss of an important relationship. I have never had any professional counseling or “therapy” up until this point. As days passed, I sank lower and lower, drinking every day and eventually went to see a therapist out of desperation in July 2014. I was immediately placed on anti-depressants and began psychotherapy sessions. A friend suggested that I give the Mindset for Success program a try while I was going through therapy—“just give it a shot” were her words. If anyone would have told me that 7 months ago, when I began the Mindset for Success program, I would feel this great I would not have believed it!! I wish I could describe how utterly hopeless I felt!! I honestly didn’t think I would ever feel normal nor did I believe Coach Judy (the voice on the other end of the phone) when she told me repeatedly that if I was willing to do the work, the process would help me change my life. The “work” was very difficult and very emotional but I am happy to say that I am finally my true self and am excited to see what my future holds as I finish the Dialogues!!!! Also, on March 13, 2015 my psychologist released me from care with her stamp of approval on how much I have changed through therapy and life coaching and the psychiatrist said on our next appointment he would remove me from the medicine as well!!! Coach Judy is no longer the voice on the other end of the phone, she is a friend and an awesome encourager, a true angel of God!! Without Coach Judy and her constant encouragement and prayer who knows where I would be right now! I am very thankful!!!!!!!”
Found Confidence
“Judy has been my life coach for the past twelve months, supporting me through many trials and helping me find confidence in major decisions. While her coaching style is honest and straightforward, her approach has always followed that of a true life coach – helping me find my own answers by posing insightful questions. Judy connects with her clients on a heart level. This contributes to what I consider her greatest strength as a coach – remembering the smallest details from past sessions and finding their poignant relevance just when I need it most. I am grateful to have had Judy as my life coach.”