Failing Forward to Success


Have you every heard of the concept of failing forward?

The way we perceive failure is paramount to our success, as is the way we respond to perceived failure.

For example, I have tried several times in the past few months to institute exercise into my daily routine. And I have perceived myself as the Queen of Failure as I would start and stop, start and stop, and some weeks not even start at all. This week I had success because I changed just one thing. Everyday, I told myself to take 30 minutes and move. Some days it was stretching, others it was yoga and today, a 25 minute cardio workout. Instead of giving up, I chose to modify my expectations of what defined a workout and slowly and surely, I failed forward into a successful week of meeting my goal and climbing the fitness mountain.

Are you prepared to deal with failure? Do you quit at the first sign of failing?

One benefit of working with a Life Coach is that you can learn to respond to your perceived failures differently and then your perception of failure can become one of opportunity and a stepping stone to success.

As your life coach, we can build your confidence and get you moving forward towards a happier more fulfilling life.

If you want to make some changes in your life, call me to schedule a complimentary consultation. All of my coaching is done by phone so you can be in the privacy of your own home or office. You can live anywhere in the world. 

Have a beautiful day.


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