Emotion in a Basket

This morning I acted out my frustration. Has something similar ever happened to you? I was getting ready for my day and I needed my eye makeup remover. I could not find it. I knew it was either on the counter or under the sink in my bathroom. My eyes could not see it. To me, the makeup remover was lost. And so, I felt frustrated as I took out each basket from under the sink and perused its contents, and then as frustration mounted began shuffling through, and then, more frustration, digging through each basket under that sink. After each time, I would stuff the basket back under the counter before pulling out another.

Are you getting the picture? My under-sink baskets are NOT organized. Once upon a time, when I bought the baskets – for organization – my stuff was organized. You know, in that once upon a time in a land far, far away from this very moment when I need the item NOW. However, somewhere along the line, I stopped taking care of those baskets. I stopped taking the time to deliberately choose what to do with each item, including whether to let it go or whether to keep it and thus where to place the item. Instead, I started stuffing my things where ever they would fit and where ever they would be hidden from my and anyone else’s view. No one would see my clutter in my bathroom including me. That’s what cabinets are for, right?

Back to this morning. As my frustration increased, I did what others might do. I reacted, in anger. I dumped one of those baskets out onto the floor. Ta Da! Just dumped it out – on the floor, no less. And you know what? It felt so good that I grabbed another basked and boom; I dumped that baby onto the pile as well; and then another – boom and dump. Feeling a bit crazy, I looked inside that cabinet and started pulling things out and dumping them in the pile. So, there it was all the stuffed lotions and sewing kits and packages and travel-sized suchity-suches and hair product and hair do-dahs and Q-Tips – oh my…they were everywhere now. All the clutter in one big pile for MY EYES TO SEE…and my husband when he might wander in later this morning. My frustration was over the clutter, the mess, the chaos that I had let into my life. [By the way, the eye makeup remover was on top of the counter…which I discovered after scrounging the pile on the floor.]

I didn’t have time to clean it up. Ha ha. I didn’t want to clean it up. So my clutter was left out in the open. I thought to myself – maybe this is more than just looking for the eye makeup remover. Hmm. Maybe this is really about something else… Does that happen to you? You suddenly realize that thisisn’t about that at all, but something far more profound and deep.

I had some clutter in my life – inside my soul – inside my mind. I had some emotional stuff stuffed away and closed inside a door where I pretended it wasn’t there and denied that my mind and my spirit were messy. Interestingly, when I needed to find myself, to pull myself back into myself, clarity completely escaped me because too much unprocessed emotion was stuffed in there, disorganized and forgotten/denied. What might the mess have been? Maybe some lack of forgiveness towards some very special people. Maybe some self-hatred towards a part of my body or come choices I made along the way. Perhaps some shame and inadequacy about things at which I thought I was not enough to matter…like getting my book finished and suitable for an audience, or like being smart enough to run my own business. Little/large things like that.

The way I dealt with and healed this bigger mess, the chaos, the lack of forgiveness, the hatred, and the shame was to acknowledge God’s presence in it all. God created the world out of chaos; He can surely create something with my mess. When I acknowledged the mess, dealt with it through various means, showed compassion towards myself and others, was grateful for all of which I had enough, helped someone else, and made my amends, order was restored within, and serenity was possible…IS POSSIBLE everyday.

What’s being stored inside your spirit:  your thinking and emotional brain?

Mindset for Success, is a nine-month spiritual coaching program that I am certified to lead. As your Life Coach, I can help you dump out those disorganized baskets within you, let go and throw out those limiting beliefs that you have formed about yourself, and help you recover and empower your authentic true self so you can go forward living a happier and more fulfilling life.
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