About Judy

You are in the right place if…(Check all that apply):

  • You wonder what’s next for you. You look around at your life as it is today and wonder what’s next.
  • Your job as Mom is no longer full time. Your kids are growing up, needing your time less and less.
  • Your grown child is struggling. You are concerned that your teen or 20-something is not growing toward independence.
  • You don’t feel so good. You are stressed out, burned out, depleted of passion…yet you carry a dream.
  • You believe you are missing out on life. If only you had chosen better, were smarter, were able to get it all together, you would have more in life.
  • You know you have more to give the world. You feel restless and under-utilized. You envy your kids heading off to school and career and wish you could start over.
  • You want deeper relationships. You want more connection with your spouse, your friends, and your family. You still care what your parents think about you.
  • You think you might be crazy. Mid-life crisis just might be real because you are considering venturing out to something completely new, going back to school, or working on something you used to love to do.
  • You wonder:  “where did I go?” You wonder what happened to your go-getter, confidence, dreams, YOU.
  • You tell yourself, “I’m too old.” You think of your dreams as something you should have had when you were younger because you are certainly too old for that dream today.
  • You’re scared. You want courage and something more out of life.
  • You are almost looking for permission to consider, begin, or change.
  • You are ready for change and willing to go to great lengths to get it. You are ready for adventure. You are ready to journey to the center of you and discover some options, darn it! You are ready to go find your courage.
  • You want a travel companion with a map and compass on your journey.

If you checked one or more of the above, you are in the exact right place. I am packed; I have the map; and I am ready to accompany you on your adventure to “what’s next” for you. This is exactly what I do, my friend!

I am a professional, energetic, creative, and high-performing coach with a passion for helping others. I help women who are at the crossroads of midlife wondering what is next. I help them connect to their highest, truest self and radically transform until they are living their life with courage and compassion at a high performance level.

I am a professionally trained coach by The High Performance Institute and The Gardner Institute. I am certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

And most importantly…I thoroughly love what I do!

I partner with you throughout our coaching engagement. I understand that strong, effective coaching changes people because it changed me. My clients are assured of experiencing life-changing success.

And in Case You’re Here to Find out More About My Non-Biz Life…

Here’s More About Me:

  • I was born and raised in Sturgis, South Dakota, and now reside in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • I am married and the mother of three children.
  • I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
  • Before becoming a full-time coach, I held various corporate positions.
  • Although I was well-employed by large, stable organizations, my passion for helping people develop on a more personal basis grew to become a major force in my life. It outgrew my desire to be a part of a large organization.
  • I selected and retained my own coach, made a plan, worked the plan with my coach, and met my goal of establishing my own professional life coaching practice. I am living proof of the axiom that coaching works!
  • In addition to coaching my clients, I love to write, speak, teach, lead, connect, energize, and …play piano.
  • A Special Place in My Heart:  I have a special affinity for coaching parents who have teenagers or adult children who are in recovery (or need recovery) from alcoholism and addiction. I am such a parent myself. I know how beneficial it is to have a sacrosanct coaching relationship during the stressful times of your child’s addiction and ongoing recovery. Having a private and safe place to go for your own personal support will help you, as a parent, to live a more courageous life and to be more compassionate with those you love.